Important Update For Hero Nav & Sidekick Users

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Due to a missing bit of information in the plugin, these plugins have not been recognized as extensions to be updated by DMS. This has been fixed in the most recent versions, but the problem is that as long as an older version is installed, the plugin will continue to be ignored by auto-updates. Solution: […]

What’s New With Hero Nav 1.2

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Hero Nav got some new features today!  Perhaps most notably, there is a new option which allows for a user-defined mobile-breakpoint!  That is, the screen width where the navigation styling is changed to the mobile-optimized styles and behavior. Until now, this was set to a core defined @resPortraitTablet LESS variable which was set to 767px – […]

How to Use LESS Developer With Your Project

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If you didn’t already know, LESS Developer is a new plugin I authored and released for PageLines Framework.  In a nutshell the plugin allows you to take input as LESS and compile it into CSS.  This is great because it makes all of the defined variables & mixins available for use in your compiled code. […]


PageLines Turns A New Leaf With 2.3 Release

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More like half of one tenth of a leaf if one leaf = a major release… haha. As y’all may have heard, PageLines released it’s newest updates to the framework a few days ago with version 2.3.  It’s not quite as big of a release as 2.2 was in my opinion, but it packs some […]


PageLines & LESS

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PageLines brought LESS (the dynamic stylesheet language) into the framework with it’s 2.0 release, but at the time it was only really available to sections. As of PLF v2.2, LESS took on a much higher profile within the framework as one of the core features, making LESS available to child themes, PageLines Customize plugin, as […]